Your Drinking Mood
Print, Editorial Design

Originating from Taiwan, Bubble Tea has become a global cultural phenomenon,
transcending borders. It goes beyond being a mere drink, holding a profound
connection to the well-being and lifestyle of Taiwanese people.
Immerse yourself in Your Drinking Mood, exploring the intricate relationship
between Bubble Tea culture and well-being in Taiwan.

︎︎︎ Design & Texts by Sarie Lai 

Colour in Fear
Print, Editorial Design

A focused case study on the use of colour in international horror film,
and what this reveals about how the emotions that colours elicit are
dependent on cultural contexts.

︎︎︎ Design & Texts by Sarie Lai 

Weaving the Past
into Future
Print, Editorial Design

A curated publication collection pays tribute to four remarkable artists,
guiding readers on a captivating journey through their artistic evolution.
Delve into the depths of their personal experiences and witness the
profound impact these encounters have had on their present and future
artistic endeavors.

︎︎︎ Design & Texts by Sarie Lai

We Don't Want to DoDo
Print, Graphic Series

This project comprises a series of graphic identities showcasing
animals depicted in an origami-style. Its primary objective is to
promote and raise awareness for the preservation of wildlife.

︎︎︎ Design & Texts by Sarie Lai 

Warming Blossom!
Digital, Data Visualisation

Warming Blossom! is a data visualization work presenting how cherry blossom season changes under the impact of global warming.

︎︎︎ Design & Texts by Sarie Lai 

( Worldwide )